Yarli and Yin

Yarli and Yin are London-based artist and writer who combine their artistic and writing skills to reveal identities of diasporic Asians in the European queer scene. The uncomfortable taboos on body-shame around East/SouthEast Asian community continue to grow strong, which fosters Yarli & Yin to experiment with ways to address diverse sexuality and body positivity.


In 2017, their first queer porn short Elephant the Allison depicts an Asian Elephant whom has 'tree hole obsession' joining Tinder in London, in which its dating stories unfold. The short film was well acknowledged and officially screened widely across Europe from 2018, including PornFilmFestivals in Berlin, Vienna, Warsaw and London.


In 2019, being commissioned by Something Human with Asia-Art-Activism, Yarli & Yin produced an audio porn featuring a non-binary person and their kinky encounters. This was aired via SOAS University Radio August, 2019.


Yin is author of short story collection Yung Yung (published in Hong Kong, 2019), which puts spotlight on a French-Vietnamese lesbian in London and her rendezvous. Yarli is a multi-media artist graduated at Slade School of Fine Arts (MFA), UCL, London. Her work was reviewed by Deborah Levy in Ivan Juritz Prize (2017), and featured in Vice and Aesthetica Magazine. In 2018, she was a guest speaker of Academic of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University and The Arts Show, BBC Radio Ulster.




Writer’s website: http://LoYu.work


Artist’s website: http://YarliAllison.com






Elephant the Allison (2018)


The Very Educational Bubble Tea Audio Porn (2019)


Wrestling Blues (2019)



Elephant the Allison


Allison is an elephant who is obsessed with holes, and its sensual encounter with its online babe.


The film explores the nature of consciousness and spectatorship. By juxtaposing images and videos, the artist resonates the pattern of human memory - instead of serial linear actions, it is always parallel. Allison’s fetish - holes and Dung (means “hole” or “cave” in Chinese language) is visually perpetuated by the recurrence of images and music.

The practice of pornography consumption is also put under interrogation with the bricolage of the sensual moments, which leaves ripples that refuse to settle.


By juxtaposing the images and videos, the artist attempts to simulate the nature of human memory — a process that involves simultaneous actions instead of a linear narrative.


Director: So Yarli

Producer: Yin Lo

Camera: So Yarli

Cast: Huei and Pom

Length: 12:05 minutes


Ratio: 16:9


Screening History (Selected)


26 May 2018

Holoseksualni: bum bum porno disco techno

Queerowy Maj, Krakow, Poland


23 Oct 2018 to 28 Oct 2018

13th Pornfilmfestival Berlin

in “Experimental Porn Shorts” and “Lesbian Porn Shorts”

With Q&A after each screening


6 April 2019

Vienna Porn Film Festival

In “Political Porn shorts”


26 April 2019

London Porn Film Festival

In “Brazen Brits”


18 October 2019

Hamburg Queer Film Festival

Programme: Porn Film Festival Vienna Überraschungsprogramm

Venue: Metropolis Kino


24 October 2019

14th Pornfilmfestival Berlin

Venue: Moviemento, Berlin


29 November  2019

Athens Festival of Queer Performance

Venue: Fac Venue, Athens


13-15 March 2020

Vidéodrome2 Movie Theater

Marseille, France


14 March 2020

QUEER ART(ists) NOW, And What? Queer Arts Festival, London


21 August 2020

Brazen/Brits Shorts Program (UK), San Francisco PornFilmFestival, U.S.


12 March 2022

Eggs and Legs, KINO/Communitism, Athens


June 2022

Post Pxrn Film Festival Warsaw, Warsaw





























A Very Educational Bubble Tea

Audio Porn



A Very Educational Bubble Tea Audio Porn depicts a rendezvous of two persons of East Asian origins. Setting in a bubble tea shop in Chinatown London, the story begins with the two meeting on fetish gem platform Craigslist and deciding to meet in person.


Conversations follows a steamy sex scene between the two, which give insights on non-binary identity, sex outside of the mainstream, sex positivity, body positivity and Asian people in the UK.


This piece features East Asian people who refuse to be objectified nor fetishisised, and removes itself from the colonial gaze. It explores diasporic and transmigrant experiences in a modern context.













Wrestling Blues


In this blue wrestling ring, no one seems to be living the presence. Their minds wander around to a deeper consciousness which explores the sexual and suicidal propensities of the human mind.






Length: 6:06 minutes

Language: Cantonese, with Chinese and English subtitles


Director: Yarli Allison

Producer: Yin Lo


Script: Yarli Allison, Yin Lo

Camera: Yarli A, Yin Lo

Set and design: Yarli A

Music: Yarli A, Mavi Haro

Editing: Yarli A

Sound post-production

Technical Advisor and Photography: ZDH

Boom Operator: Kris Abdai



Mavi Haro

Sammi Tong

Buttercup Ninja

Yarli A


Voice performers:

Yarli A

Yin Lo

Winky Cheung

Tiff Hui


Venue supported by Asia-Art-Activism.

Raven Row Gallery, London.


Screening History

1-4 October 2020

PFF Vienna, Arthouse Vienna and Schikaneder, Vienna


9 October 2020

Online Screening, HOAX Publication , London, UK


21 November 2020

HKLGFF 香港同志影展, Hong Kong


June 2021

[Online Screening + Talk] QueerAsias: Virtual Cartographies of Desires, London, Asia, Art, Worlds

Paul Mellon Centre, London


June 2022

Queer Butoh 2022, Vangeline Theater, New York, USA



























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